Charity Commission Scheme  Ref.No.309866-AL-L1

Are you under 25, at school, or in further education or training? Are you going on a field trip or do you need equipment for your training?

The Eydon Educational Trust Fund has small grants available annually, to help children and young adults with educational expenses.

How did the Trust start?

The Trust Fund was established in 1985 with money deposited from the sale of the former church school, in which generations of children had received their schooling and which closed in 1979. Now a house, the building can still be seen on the north side of School Lane.


Applications are usually dealt with in the late autumn, with a deadline of 31st October. When a grant has been approved there is a period of up to four weeks before you can receive the award. You or your family may have to make payments in this period, so you should save all receipts, invoices and relevant paperwork.

One of the Trustees will contact you with the result of your application and if an award is made, you will be asked to sign a receipt and acceptance of these simple conditions. If, after receiving a grant, you do not continue with the course or do not buy the course materials etc, we feel that it is only right that you make arrangements to refund the amount to the Trust so that others may benefit.

Who can apply for a grant?

Grants are made to individuals and cannot be made to groups or organisations.
Applicants should be under 25.
Applicants, or their parents, should live in the Parish of Eydon and be in need of some financial assistance for this period in the student’s education.

What can a grant be used for?

A grant can be put towards expenses at a school, college or university, including training leading to technical
or professional qualifications
It could be used for course fees, clothing, tools, travel, instruments or books to help in education – this also includes music and other arts.
The amount and timing of an award is at the discretion of the Trustees.

The Trustees

There are three honorary Trustees; currently these are:

Nominative Trustee and Treasurer: Mrs Sue Lodge 01327 261535
Parish Council Nominative Trustee and Secretary: Mr Mike Jackson (contact details below)
The Ex-Officio Trustee position is normally held by the Rector of the Church. Mrs Sue Yates is currently a Charity Trustee.

The Trustees make joint decisions about making an award. They may approach the school or college if they have any queries about the course or the student.

A statement of accounts is submitted to the Charity Commissioners annually and a report made to the Parish Assembly.

Applications, and names of grant recipients are confidential.

How to apply

If you need more information or have particular questions, please contact any of the Trustees to discuss this.

When you are ready to apply, please send a completed application form (see bottom of page)  or supply the information below to the Secretary at eydoneft@yahoo.com

Please supply these details:

  • Name, age, address, phone number etc.
  • Address of the school or college concerned and class teacher or course tutor.
  • Details and dates of the course.
  • Have you been accepted on the course or has an application only been made?
  • What is the grant needed for? (provide as much detail as possible, listing each item and prices).
If possible, please provide copy invoices.