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From 12 January 2010, all local councils may exercise powers to confer the title of “honorary

Freeman” or “honorary Freewoman”  to persons of distinction and those who, in the council’s

opinion, have rendered eminent services to the council’s area (section 249(5) and (6) of the

1972 Act).

From time to time, members of the community demonstrate outstanding commitment and

contribution to the wellbeing of the Parish and it is recognised that their efforts should be

acknowledged. The Eydon Parish Council (EPC) will do this, in special circumstances

that meet the criteria of this policy, by awarding to an individual the title of ‘Honorary

Freeman or Honorary Freewoman of the Parish of Eydon.



Individuals from all walks of life and all sections of the community who have made a

difference to the Parish of Eydon are eligible to be nominated as honorary


Nominees need not necessarily be residents of Eydon.

In keeping with the special nature of the award it shall be strictly limited to those who have

made a very significant contribution to the community of Eydon and who have

demonstrated “service above self”.

The honour will be awarded for the individual’s lifetime and not as a hereditary award, however, in some circumstances, posthumous awards will be considered, to allow recognition of those persons’ contribution to the Community.

The maximum number of Freemen or Freewomen at any one time is not restricted.

The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution to the Village such that the

nominee’s contribution can be seen to stand above the contributions made by most other


If the nomination is for that of a Member or former Member of the Parish Council, then to be eligible for consideration, they must have served at least 3 terms of office (12 years), but these do not have to have been consecutive terms.

The contribution to the wellbeing of the community must involve one or more of the

following factors:

A significant allocation of the person’s time in serving members of the community for the improvement of their wellbeing.

The promotion, achievement and/or delivery of community services in which a real

personal contribution has been made.

Whilst difficult to define, the contribution must be outstanding in that it can be seen

to stand above the contributions of most other persons.



Any resident or elector of the Parish of Eydon may make a nomination but it must be

supported by a Parish Councillor.

Self nominations are prohibited.

Nominations must be made in writing to the Parish Clerk.

Nomination submissions should be evidence-based by outlining the voluntary service

provided by the individual to the community and any other examples of ‘community spirit’ to justify the honour.

On receipt of a nomination, it will be circulated to all Councillors for confidential

consideration and included in the next meeting agenda.

If the Councillors are in agreement that the nominee should be made an Honorary Freeman

or Freewoman of the Parish, the nomination will be put before Council and a formal vote

taken in confidence.

No fewer than two-thirds of the Parish Councillors must agree the nomination.

The decisions of the Council on all nominations (whether affirmative or negative) are final.

All nominations MUST be treated in the strictest of confidence. The nominee should not be informed that they have been nominated as it is not fair to raise expectations in case they are not met. It is imperative that submissions are not discussed with any other persons.

Any disclosure will make the application invalid.

There is no restriction on the amount of persons nominated or awards made in each year. There is no requirement for the award to be made every year.



An acknowledgement will be sent to the nominating person upon receipt of the nomination form. Correspondence will not be entered into on the merits of a particular nomination whilst it is under consideration.

All Councillors will be invited to discuss nominations received for the honorary

Freeman/Freewoman. The Council may request further information from the proposer if




Any person declared an Honorary Freeman or Honorary Freewoman of the Parish may

designate himself/herself ‘Honorary Freeman or Freewoman of the Parish of Eydon’.

The award shall normally be made at the Annual Parish Assembly usually in April. (It may be appropriate to hold a small dedicated ceremony – if multiple awards to be made for example)

A parchment scroll will be presented to the recipient and their name added to the Parish Honours board.

The award does not confer on any recipient any entitlements to attend, participate in

meetings of the Parish Council, or carry out any role on behalf of Eydon Parish Council, or bestow any other entitlements, but is intended to be a recognition of the valuable contribution made by that person to the local community.



Whilst nominations may be made at any time,  publicity will be generated in December of each year to remind the community of the existence of the award to allow time for decisions and awards to be purchased before the Parish Assembly.