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Cancellation of the 4-week closure of Wormleighton Road

Dear All,

We have cancelled the 4-week closure of Wormleighton Road, that was planned to commence on 18 March. We will update you when new dates for this closure are confirmed.

We have made this decision because when we complete the work on Wormleighton Road, traffic will then pass over the recently constructed Banbury Road Overbridge. We are not yet ready for this bridge to open, and therefore to avoid the risk of an extended closure, we have postponed the Wormleighton Road highway connection work for the time being.

Please feel free to circulate this information to your local contacts.

Our roadside information boards have been removed and we are contacting local businesses, schools, as well as blue light services.

I appreciate that there have been various dates proposed for this closure, our apologies for the changes.


Simon Davis

Engagement Manager