Byfield Medical Centre – COVID-19 Vaccinations

We are receiving up to 80 calls a day from patients asking when they will get their vaccine or how can they move up the priority list. We are currently not able to vaccinate patients.

All our patients are currently being vaccinated at Weedon Medical Centre.

Currently the only people being vaccinated are the over 80’s, people in care homes and their carers and front line NHS Staff.

We can not ‘bump’ you up the list, we also CAN NOT tell when you are likely to be vaccinated – sorry we do not know when the vaccine will be available more widely.

Weedon is vaccinating approximately 1,000 patients per week, approximately 200 of those are our patients so you can see this is going to be a slow process until the government either opens a mass vaccination site locally or allows practices to vaccinate their own patients.
Calling the surgery will not I am sorry to say get you vaccinated more quickly and is blocking the phone lines.

We understand the frustration and uncertainty and would love to be able to roll out the vaccination programme here. We hope this will be a possibility in the near future.