A Few Words From the Parish Council Chairman

So, as I write this on the 23rd November we are more than halfway through lockdown 2, the Parish Council met on the 10th just after the lockdown was announced, and later today Prime Minister is to announce any Christmas arrangements and by all accounts any new tier system after we come out of this lockdown. 

So where are we?  Hard to say the lockdown isn’t as stringent as before, and certainly to my eyes traffic through the Village is almost at normal levels. An increase in people exercising again, many walkers and cyclists having reappeared. Some new puppies and kittens have joined the families in the Village.

Unfortunately the Royal Oak and other hospitality and non essential businesses had to close again or modify their operation  – what a struggle they are having.

Villagers are once again really looking out for each other, I have encountered many instances of neighbours doing what good neighbours do –  helping each other. 

The PC decided that we didn’t need to do a formal activity this time as Villagers know how to get help – ASK – when you need assistance, ask you neighbours or friends in the Village, everyone I have spoken to says the same – we are happy to help!

CoronaVirusIf you have special requirements or a sudden emergency and you need assistance and can’t get help, please don’t hesitate to contact me or another member of the PC, we will do our very best to assist you or find someone who can. No one needs to struggle alone in Eydon we are a community as we have proven this year. 

I still have the list of contact numbers we produced earlier in the year and so we will be able to find someone who can assist you.

As we approach the festive season, it’s going to be different for most of us. We  will have to find different ways to celebrate it. But,  the season of goodwill is needed more than ever and there is light at the end of the tunnel with great news on Vaccine development and hopefully roll out.

So my message is keep safe, continue to observe the rules and guidance, – hands – face – space  etc, and we wait to see what the next stage brings us. 

P Cllr Keith Simmons